The Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue materials are developed to be practical and intuitive. They have been designed and tested by educators in the classroom.

Educator’s GuideEducators Guide

video-play_horizontal The Disciple of Christ – Education in Virtue Educator’s Guide is a resource to assist parents and educators in understanding the importance of living a Christian life of virtue. It provides an overview of the doctrine of virtue and the rationale of the curriculum. In order to educate youth in discipleship, those responsible for this instruction must first possess a personal and in-depth knowledge of the theological and moral virtues as well as the corresponding gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is imperative that the instructor be convinced that everyone is called to be a disciple of Christ, and that through a personal encounter with Him, one is gifted with interior happiness and freedom.

Life of ChristLife of Christ Image

video-play_horizontal The Life of Christ is a resource for upper elementary and high school students as well as adults to help them develop and experience a closer relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ.  To live as a disciple of Christ, one must first know the Person of Jesus Christ.  Through this encounter with Him, one is gifted with interior happiness and freedom.

Charts and Pamphletsvirtuechartpack

video-play_horizontal The Virtue Chart Pack includes the following (3) items:  (1)  The Disciple of Christ Virtues Chart is designed to guide educators, parents and students in identifying virtues which need to be cultivated.  This chart features a list of the virtues, listed under their respective color-coded Cardinal virtue, and includes three categories with definitions/explanations in each: Meaning, Opposing Trait, Ways to Cultivate.  (2) Remain in Me Chart is an easy-to-use reference chart that gives educators and students an overview of all the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Turn the poster around to show the students the Virtue Tree and how the virtues are interrelated!  (3)  The Happiness is Living a Virtuous Life pamphlet is designed to help you, the instructor, and your older students on your own personal paths of Discipleship in Christ.  Examine your conscience with the use of this virtue-based examen and identify the virtues you would like to cultivate.  Complete with virtues and their opposing vices, concrete questions are given to help you on the path of conversion the first step to living a virtuous life.  NOTE:  Pamphlets available in packs of 50 or 100 as well as a single pamphlet in the Chart Pack.  Share them with friends!

Virtue Cardsvirtue_cards

video-play_horizontal A valuable classroom management and assessment tool, these cards can be used to assist students in the practice of virtue.  Color-coded cards feature an image that complements what the virtue “Looks like” and “Sounds like,” while the back of the card includes a prayer, saint picture, brief biography and Scripture passage.  The virtue cards will be available in (2) sizes.  Use the larger cards for classroom instruction and promote virtuous behavior for the individual student with the smaller cards.  SHOP VIRTUE CARDS

Saint Cardssaint_cards

video-play_horizontal These small holy cards will help remind your students of a particular virtue they are trying to cultivate.  Easy enough to carry in one’s pocket, these cards feature an image of the Saint, a prayer to help acquire the virtue, the definition of that virtue and a Scripture passage.  SHOP SAINT CARDS

Virtue Posterswaystocultivate_poster

video-play_horizontal Ways to Cultivate Posters, when incorporated into the classroom management plan, allow the educator to write-in ways the students can cultivate that particular virtue; assess if students understand the virtue; as well as create opportunities to highlight virtuous behavior modeled in the classroom.  Put up several posters and with the use of dry-erase markers, have students brainstorm new ideas every week! The Instructional Posters series includes one large instructional poster for each of the virtues.  This poster is a great tool for classroom lessons. The front of the poster has images as well as a written definition for the students to gain an understanding of the virtue. The back of the poster contains several references that can be used by the educators to instruct the students on the virtue. Virtue Tree Poster is an instructional tool that identifies how the virtues are organic and interrelated.  Have students follow along with their finger to identify each of the Moral Virtues to their corresponding Cardinal Virtue.


The silver medal with the Cross and Icthus logo will be a daily visible reminder to live the life of virtue as a disciple of Christ.  Have a commissioning ceremony and present them to each of your students at the end of the school year!  Hand-stamped with the logo on the front and the inscription of Mt. 5:16 on the back, every student will cherish their medal for years to come.  SHOP ACCESSORIES

Tote Bag

The tote bag, with a large front pocket, is an easy way to organize all of your materials. Made of 80g Non-Woven Polypropylene, this bag is water-resistant too!  SHOP ACCESSORIES