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The Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal was written to allow you to have an encounter with the Person of Jesus Christ.  As you journey through the life of Christ by reading the selected scripture passages, you will slowly move through His life, meditating upon His word using lectio divina.  This encounter with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, will show you how a life of virtue becomes an interior habit, a way of life, which enables you to be more open to the Holy Spirit, allowing you to make your own personal commitment to live as a disciple of Christ.

Includes over 75 religious art images!  Recommended for junior high, high school students and adults!  

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Learn more about Lectio Divina:

Title:  Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal
ISBN: 978-0-9899921-5-2
Cover: Soft Cover
Size: 7.5  X 10.75
Number of Pages: 326
Author:  Sister John Dominic Rasmussen, O.P.
Contributors: Sister Teresa Benedicta Block, O.P. and Bernadette Miller
Cover and inside art:  Sister Emmanuel Gross, O.P.
Publisher:  Lumen Ecclesiae Press – A Division of Education in Virtue

Read the Life of Christ Review by Tim Puet, Catholic Times Reporter.

“More than a textbook, it introduces young people to a prayerful reading and understanding of the life of Jesus as recorded in the gospels. It provides them an opportunity to know Jesus in a personal way, to listen to His voice as they reflect and pray and to respond to His invitation to follow Him through resolutions and the practice of the virtues….I pray that this work will achieve wide circulation and lead many young people to a personal encounter with Jesus and the fullness of life He offers us.”  (excerpt taken from Foreward)

– Most Reverend Earl Boyea
Bishop of Lansing

“The Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal is a magnificent resource for teaching young people how to read Scripture in conversation with God. It draws readers to reflect deeply on each biblical passage through thought-provoking questions and fine art from Christian tradition. It allows the word of God to touch both mind and heart. What a beautiful way to help form a lifetime habit of prayer and lectio divina.

I wish something like this had been available in my generation! May it have great success.”

 – Dr. Mary Healy

“If you could talk to Jesus daily for the rest of your life, would you? By practicing lectio divina you have the opportunity to listen to God speak to you in the context of daily life. This great conversation between you and God is the key to a new springtime in your life and it will provide you with practical wisdom as well as much needed direction and comfort. I highly recommend “Life of Christ” as a practical tool to help you in your relationship with Jesus.”

– Jeff Cavins
Creator of The Great Adventure Bible Study

“The Life of Christ Lectio Divina Journal is far more than a resource, it is an invitation to a relationship! Practical, inspiring and compelling, Sr. John Dominic has done a masterful job weaving together Sacred Scripture, practical application, insightful reflection and stunning artwork. While the Bible can seem overwhelming, intimidating and, indeed, confusing to many, Sister takes the reader on a simple yet soul-stirring journey into the heart of the gospels. This book not only makes the Bible Geek inside of me leap for joy, it makes the Catholic parent and Catechist in me rejoice in thanksgiving. What a tremendous gift this book will be to Catholic Christians of all ages – from Scriptural novices to leaders! I can see this being used in classrooms, youth rooms and family rooms across the world. I can’t wait to share it with my own family. This journal reminds us all that the Word of God is, first and foremost, a person…the person of Jesus Christ. Thank the Lord for this beautiful gift!”

– Mark Hart
Executive Vice President, Life Teen International

“Within lies your road map for being a Disciple of Christ: your daily opportunity to give your simple “Yes” to Christ. “I give myself to you,” He says and you respond, “Okay, Lord – I give my life back to you. Take me, lead me.”  Let this be your prayer as you turn the scriptures over in your heart. Sr. John Dominic has laid the pavement by providing rich scriptural texts; now it’s time to put your shoes to the pavement and walk the road that will lead you more deeply into the Father’s Heart.

May Christ’s peace be yours, and Mary’s “yes” be in your heart.”

– Chris Stefanick
Real Life Catholic

“The Life of Christ: Lectio Divina Journal is a rich and practical resource to help lead a young person to understand, to reflect on, and to live the life of Christ. By weaving together God’s Word, reflections and applications, and the rich heritage of the Church’s artistic tradition, this resource can be a valuable tool for teachers as they lead students to encounter Christ and to live the beauty of the Catholic faith in daily Christian discipleship. Parents, teachers, and catechists will find this resource to be an invaluable aid in preparing children, teens, and adults to know the truth of God’s Word, to choose and to live a life of virtue, and to radiate the beauty of faith in the witness of their lives. I am particularly delighted to recommend this book that brings to life for younger generations the practice and application of lectio divina to Sacred Scripture and Christian art.”

– Dr. Jem Sullivan
Author, The Beauty of Faith: Christian Art and the Good News, Our Sunday Visitor.


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