St. Ignatius Loyola

Dates: 1491-1556
Feast: July 31
Image Source: Private Collection / © Look and Learn / The Bridgeman Art Library
When he was in bed with a broken leg from a war injury, St. Ignatius of Loyola read stories of knights in shining armor as well as stories about the saints.  He realized that the saints resembled the knights:  They represented a King and fought for Him, though without swords.  One big difference he noticed, however, was that worldly tales brought him initial delight but afterwards depression.  Whereas stories of the saints brought him continuing delight.  After his leg healed, St. Ignatius left the Spanish army and became a priest to fight for Christ by winning souls for Him.  He taught the men who followed him to do the same.  These men became the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus.