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Virtue Based Classroom Management Caught Practicing Virtue

VBCM 8: Caught Practicing Virtue

Welcome to the Virtue Based Classroom Management Series where you will find ideas and free downloads for implementing Education in Virtue in your classroom. This is the eighth post. For a complete list of posts, topics, and free downloads click here

CLICK HERE for your free download of Caught Practicing Virtue cards. Virtue Based Classroom Management Caught Practicing Virtue

When you teach a new procedure or routine, it is very helpful when you are able to give specific praise to a student who is performing the task well. The same is true when teaching the virtues. Virtues aren’t just “head knowledge,” they are actions, habits – a way of life. Pointing out virtuous behavior in the classroom, and praising it, is incredibly encouraging for young disciples.

It is so much more encouraging when students are able to praise each other for practicing virtue. When students are able to “catch” each other practicing virtue, it makes the virtues that much more exciting. It redirects the “tattling” of young students, and creates an environment where students “encourage one another and build one another up” (1 Thes. 5:11).


There are so many ways teachers have used these cards. Some make it a part of their virtue center or sacred space and tie it in with their virtue that they are teaching that week. Others simply set up a little station on a back counter – a basket, the papers, some pencils – and let students fill out the cards whenever they see or hear someone practicing a virtue. The best is when the class is able to celebrate the virtues being practiced: reading the slips out loud at the end of the day or the week, posting them on a bulletin board in the hallway, sending them home in a Monday mailer or Wednesday folder. Virtue Based Classroom Management Caught Practicing Virtue affability

CLICK HERE for your free download of of Caught Practicing Virtue cards.